A Little Me for You



Things that interests me are complicated. But surely I can name them.

Dancer, photographer, book lover, movie maniac, fashion & beauty enthusiast and living music.
All shades of Dramatic.

Dancing is something that connects me to my soul, is the secret to my happiness. The movements let me express myself without saying words. Not just this, “click click” is my favourite sound. It gives me great satisfaction to capture moments before they become history. And then I can look back and smile. I am a thinker to the extremes and it simply means I play scenes in my head, I have endless IFs and buts, I practice things I want to say, I think of people who have crossed my journey of life and those who might soon enter. Honestly, I don’t know what love is but I love people around me. There is a constant effort to connect with new faces plainly to be part of new and different stories. My mind is more into the fantastical world and my heart beats thinking it’s the filmy world around. Yes, I am too filmy in all senses. Activities that make me fit attracts me but when chocolate is around, I hardly care. I long for winters when the cold wave rushes through my face and chilly winds raise my enthusiasm. Singing brings in lightheartedness which gives way to a new form of freedom. I never sang infront of people but there is a special act lined up for that special someone on his way.