Hi Girlies,

Just a warm welcome to all of you who are the new gen fashionistas. For me, this blog is a start of a creative yet beautiful journey in the world of fashion, lifestyle and beauty that I have been thinking to pen down.

Who Should Read This

To start with, it is not just for you lovely ladies seeking fashion advice but for those who want to wing up their makeup tits-bits, keep their lifestyle as stylish as possible and remain super healthy all the time. If you are all about girly and glittery things, this surely is a place to be.

What to Expect Here

What’s going on in the fashion world, latest outfit trends, hair care and super simple styling techniques, all about makeup products, a shift towards chemical free products, from the kitchen DIYs and overall styling tips to those who seek advice.


I will be sharing some written and visual stories without being too excited. Yes! I do get excited at times and words fall short for me to write the experiences and feelings. There will be inspirations and influences which will surely be part of this page. Hope you enjoy reading what I like writing. Let’s start this ride with a bang.

Lots of Love

From a Rosy Girl